About Us

Welcome to Ciao Systems! We are a New York based IT consulting company that also offer network and server setup. We’ve been in the field for decades, we’ve encountered a lot of different clients before, and we are proud to say that most of them are highly satisfied, despite of some misunderstanding from some of our clients (which are often easily resolved). Today, we are a team composed of 12 people; all are well versed in the field of IT, server and network setup. We do everything in the field of IT and networking and you can count on us if you’ve got problem.

This website was created as a result for the need of an online presence to reach out, not only to local customers, but also to overseas customers. In addition to that, we will have an ever-presence online, so no matter where or what time a potential customer comes, he/she can easily leave a message to us.

For you, the audience, what will be in for you? There’s so many things that you can get here. If you want to learn more about IT, networking and server setup, you’ve come to the right place. You will be able to learn and understand how networking works. You will also learn how to setup servers and network. This will be a valuable amount of information, data and knowledge for an aspiring IT specialist.

We hope that we can bring your expectations from our products and servers as well as from our tutorials, blog posts and the like.